DevLess Features

DevLess doesn’t restrict you to any Framework (React, VueJS, Android, iOS, React Native, Angular, etc) or Programming Language (JS, Ruby, PHP, Go, Python, etc). DevLess even powers static HTML websites.

Breathe Life into your App with our Out-of-the-box Features
User management

Flexible user management system including support for user registration, password recovery, role and status management.

Access Right Control

Control how apps and users interact with your backend using the 3 rights (Private, Public & Authenticated) provided in DevLess

API Console

An API Simulator to interact with your REST endpoints to see how your apps will consume these dynamic apis.

Dynamics models

Create your data fields with types and validations making them first-class citizens in your application. Utilize features like advanced querying, filtering, searching, sorting and fine-grained validation.

Data Tables

Perform Create, Read, Update and Delete known as CRUD actions on your data right from the management console of your DevLess instance. Export your data in PDF, Excel or CSV formats as well.


Rules engine in DevLess allows you define sets of instruction to executed by the backend. These rules can be specified to be applied before or after or both during a process execution.

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