Why Use DevLess?
Mobile and Web Developers love to build their solutions with DevLess
Open Source and Customizable

Base technology of DevLess is completely open and free. It can be extended to suit your needs.

Cost Effective and Fast

DevLess helps you save 3x the money and time spent setting up, developing and administrating your backend. We have re-usable modules, services and hosting available to help you cut down.

Your business first

Most frameworks focus on making coding easy, DevLess focus more on supporting your business. DevLess is built with the business owner's and beginner developer’s mindset to quickly bring their ideas and concept to fruition.

Very low learning curve

Build the backend for your app using a GUI without having to interact with any servers and terminals. All you want is an app so launch now, code later.

Ready Support

We provide around the clock world class support for all of users during and after development to continually keep improving and making the tool more friendly, awesome and scalable.


You don't have to start from scratch. Choose from a wide range of modules, services, web or mobile application startup kits, themes ranging from simple sites to complex applications, all free and open-sourced.

Growing community

We have a growing community of developers with mixed skill levels that keeps growing and supporting other developers especially beginners developers with learning and also in building good apps on their journey to becoming experienced developers.

Your Product First

Every good user interface and experience takes time and work to achieve. With DevLess taking care of your backend code and infrastructure management you can now focus on your frontend and deliver ultimate user interface and experience to your users.

Use your own framework or language

DevLess doesn’t restrict you to any framework (React, VueJS, Android, iOS, React Native, Angular, etc) or language (JS, Ruby, PHP, Go, Python, etc). DevLess is compatible with all your existing toolsets and doesn’t require you to change rather do less.

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